Technology whirlwind

Ok, I've had this on my mind and up my ass for some time.

Today around you there's too many technologies, programming languages and frameworks! I remember my school days and passion about Pascal and Delphi, all the assignments in information technology class, the way I would optimize these little quizzes... A lot of great memories.

But then I went to university, got familiar with C#, and things started boggling me. Is it used in real life apps? What's beyond C#? Where can I find work and what skills do I need? And really at that time for there was no answer to the question "What do I do next?".

And so my mind kind of stranded off programming. University classes were useless and had not a single hint of real life applicability. So there's was no use in studying hard. All I did is studied just enough pass next exam and then play computer games and football.

However, as I got lazy and dispassionate, another thing really have blossomed - The Internet! After serious football injury there was a lot of time to contemplate and what I've stumbled upon really changed the flow of my life. Suddenly, I was in a land of opportunity!

At first I got familiar with Java and it looked like every company wanted a Java developer: Netcracker, Haulmont, EPAM, Magento. Another ones offered mobile iOS and PHP jobs (never was into that kind of stuff). About half a year later I familiarized myself with Ruby and RoR by completing 2 online MOOC courses from EDX, and oh... my... God... it blew my head right off! Than I started practicing TDD and a little bit of Python. Than I got passionate about Scala. Got a better at HTML, CSS and JS... and...

There's so... many... freakin'... technologies! With the availability that Internet provides you can learn any of them. Every technology comes with a different style, different community and a viable awesome career path.

And it gets better worse every year. Right now I work as a Java dev, but after graduation I will want that to change.

We are in technology Whirlwind, so dizzy and captivating it is.

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