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In the land of Russia where your freedom is becoming ever more limited goverment is trying to censor the Internet. Those who are not content with website bans have to find ways how to get around this problem. One way to get around the block is to use Google's DNS instead of the DNS provided by your ISP. After reading Hacker News today I stumbled on an intersting arcticle. The gist is that Google provides an encrypted way to access DNS (unlike traditional UDP which can be easily monitored by your ISP). Unfortunately there's no way to just point your router or computer to it because DNS has a protocol and since Google secure DNS doesn't conform to it existing programs can't access it directly. So in this article we are going to set up our own DNS server, and yes, it can have blackjack and promiscuous women. Some kind soul has written a Go package to interact with this secure DNS server. It is located here: . We a