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Ruby on Rails optimization techniques

There’s a reputation that Ruby on Rails apps are slow, however, because of its simplicity, readability and many good techniques and tools available out of the box, it’s easy to make ROR apps behave faster than other language frameworks. So unless your app’s business model heavily depends on how much each transaction costs (e.g WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social networks) ROR can be the right tool for you. Let’s begin! No Optimization No optimization article would be complete without mentioning premature optimization. So the first rule of optimization is that you shouldn’t optimize unless you have a problem, and unless you know for sure there’s going to be a bottleneck, you should focus on readability and business value instead of solving a problem that doesn’t exist. Measure The second rule is measure! How do you know you are making improvements unless you have numbers to back you up? There are different tools available based on what you want to measure. For optimizin