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High Performance Browser Networking - Book Review

I will try to make it concise and give my personal opinion. Author: Ilya Grigorik, a Web performance engineer at Google Pages: 408 Published: September 2013 Amazon rating: 4.6/5 My rating: 4.1/5 This piece of writing has many levels to it. Ilya goes over all the building blocks which play part in Web performance. He briefly describes work mechanisms for each block and then based on acquired knowledge shows how to squeeze as much as possible out of it. The fact that Ilya goes all the way from TCP / Mobile network work principles to Javascript API is both an upside and a downside. Many Web developers don't care about such level of detail and are only worried about steps they can do at the top of the stack, not server side TCP tweaks and peculiarities of different Mobile networks. Nevertheless, if you are like me and you prefer deeper knowledge I advise you to read the whole book. If what interests you is only the top of the stack and you have few coins