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Best Ruby resources

From time to time I feel like a web crawler. So here's all the resources I've found, by categories. Today it's Ruby. Here we go... API: Guides and tutorials: outdated Interactive tutorials: Screencasts: Quizzes: Podcasts: The Freelance show Online courses: Talks: con

Private testing

If you do testing, then, like me, at one time you probably came up with a question "How do I test private methods?" . The tricky part about private testing in static languages like java, is that you can't access private methods from outside. There are couple of ways to test private methods. You can do it through reflection, you can easily find libraries which ease the syntactic pain. Or you can make it package-private, this way you can use them in your tests, but users of your library still can't see it (though it can turn your own package into a tangled mess). And both things are WRONG! And many people know it. Go to stack overflow and you will see lot of upvoted results, how it is "implementation detail, don't test it". In my opinion, you should test this kind of methods. If you closed your IDE/Editor of choice and opened Google, then chances are it's important enough to have a unit test. Do you smell it? I certainly do... And it's comi

Technology whirlwind

Ok, I've had this on my mind and up my ass for some time. Today around you there's too many technologies, programming languages and frameworks! I remember my school days and passion about Pascal and Delphi, all the assignments in information technology class, the way I would optimize these little quizzes... A lot of great memories. But then I went to university, got familiar with C#, and things started boggling me. Is it used in real life apps? What's beyond C#? Where can I find work and what skills do I need? And really at that time for there was no answer to the question "What do I do next?" . And so my mind kind of stranded off programming. University classes were useless and had not a single hint of real life applicability. So there's was no use in studying hard. All I did is studied just enough pass next exam and then play computer games and football. However, as I got lazy and dispassionate, another thing really have blossomed - The Internet!

Hello Blog

Greetings, guys and gals (who am I kidding?) , guess what, now I have a blog! As of now now it looks kind of ugly and... empty. But it seems you can fully customize it (even javascript). On the other hand I'm too lazy and empty is good. There's Russian saying: "Conciseness is a sister of talent" ...on this note this post shall end .