27 August 2013

Who is the bad guy?

Following started as a comment, but at some point I lost it, and it became as big as a blog post.
Inspired by Secretary of State John Kerry: Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria 'Undeniable'
Damn politics...

To me it looks screams like another revolution made by USA in order to change uncooperating government. They give rebels weapons and now they frame Assad and use their powerful media to present it in a fitting color.

We've already seen such thing in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, where murderous georgians backed up by NATO weapons invaded Abhkazia. After Russia intervened to stop the agressor US propaganda showed it's true face, saying that Russians were killing Georgians.

I vividly remember video that a few years ago enraged me and my fellow countryman.
It was both sad and funny to look at a girl with her aunt, who were victims, invited for an interview to Fox News(*). All US media was saying that Russia attacked Georgia and was showing burned city, saying it was Georgian city bombed by Russians. When in fact it was Abhkazian city bombed by Georgians. Girl's aunt only agreed to this interview knowing it was live so it could not be censored. And when the time came she said thank you Russians who saved US, it was Georgian who were killing people - thing contradictory to what media was saying. And after this words unusualy long commercial break happened.

I know it's not all black and white, but more and more it looks like the bad guys are not the Muslims or whatever, but the evil plotting US government. They surely have a grasp on media, you can't deny that.

... and yeah, it's a frickin Russian flag on my avatar... So it's biased. But in no way do I support my own government, simply proud of my history, and IMHO it's the lesser of two evils

(*) Interview
Aunt afterwards describing what US media was presenting (with ENG subtitles)

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